LINK Sydney is a not-for-profit organization and an ally of the LGBTIQA+ community offering support, education and fundraising to help improve services available to the LGBTIQA+, BDSM and Leather communities.

LINK Sydney is run by The Junkyard Dogs Leather Family. We hope to use our experience and knowledge to facilitate the education of our greater community, while also assisting in the formation of connections between factions.

LINK Sydney is a real time group of people who participate in monthly meetings, LINK is designed to operate as a community hub offering support, discussion, social opportunities, and education for the Sydney M/s, D/s and Leather communities. LINK Sydney endeavours to provide a safe place to learn about the practise and skills associated with developing and maintaining healthy power exchange relationships between enthusiastically consenting adults.

All who wish to attend meetings are required to agree to uphold LINK's Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy before the beginning of each meeting. This ensures that discussions are respectful, and allows attendees to talk honestly about their experiences. Meeting discussions are confidential and never to be shared or revealed outside of our discussion meetings.

LINK Sydney supports all sexual orientations, sexual identities, genders, gender orientations, or gender identities for those interested in the skills and practices associated with BDSM. We respect all power exchange, non-monogamous and other consensual alternative relationship dynamics without judgment.

Anyone above the age of 18 is welcome to join LINK, all you need is a willingness to learn, an open mind, and an interest in BDSM.